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2016-2017 ACTIVITIES

*International Coastal Clean up- Spanish River Beach Clean up 

                                    Saturday, 09/24/2016

*International Coastal Clean up- Palmetto Beach Clean up 

                                    Saturday, 10/29/2016

*Presentation to Saint Andrew's School's kindergarteners

                                    Friday, 04/21/2017

*Published Kindergarteners' art work on our website for the Earth Day


*Presentation to Private ALEV School's kindergarteners/ Istanbul-Turkey

                                    Wednesday, 06/07/2017

*Published Kindergarteners' art work on our website 

                                    Friday, 06/09/2017

*Presentation to International MD 118-Y Vanikoy Lions Club and Kalamis Lions Club in Istanbul-Turkey 

                                    Wednesday, 06/14/2017

*Presentation to Bolluca Orphaneges / Istanbul -Turkey

                                    Wednesday, 07/03/2017

*Published Bolluca Orphaneges' art work on our website 

                                    Friday, 07/05/2017​

*Tuana Yazici's book is published; Protecting Sea Turtles
*Tuana Yazici revisited Turkey's Sea Turtle Research, Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre - Wildlife  Reserve in

  Dalyan and donated 100 copies of her newly published book; Protecting Sea Turtles

*Presentation at the Hillside Beach Club Fethiye-Turkey

                                    Wednesday, 06/07/2017

*Published children's art works on our website 

                                    Friday, 06/09/2017​


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