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We are ready for PAlmetto Clean Up with Gumbo Limbo !

.First, I would like to thank Dr. Coyle for everyting. 

.I would like to thank Mr. Zitzmann for announcing this activity to all the resident students and also to Ms.Zhang for providing the resident students with a shuttle and chapeoring for all the students.  

.The shuttle leaves at 8:30, and if you would like to attend, please make sure to write your name down on the signup form in the Resident Life Office

.It might be raining, so you could bring a raincoat poncho if you would like.

.We will meet at the Palmetto Beach Circle at 9 am..

.When you arrive, there will be a sign pointing to the registration desk that we will have at the beach. You have sign in, and also write down the time that you arrive and leave so that we can give out the community service hours accordingly.

.If you are comming late, you still need to sign in that the desk, and someone will show you which direction we are headed so that you can catch up.

.We got the materials we need from Gumbo Limbo.We are ready to go!!:))

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