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Dear Club members,

The well-known resort that I am staying at in southern Turkey, called Hillside Beach Club, offered to set up an activity so that I could present my presentation about saving turtles from plastic waste. I could not believe the amazing preparations and announcements the resort did for my presentation.  They printed brochures, prepared posters that they put all around the resort, and organized for me to present at the big amphitheater of the resort.  The people who helped me organize this went outside of the resort and spent their day finding and buying 150 keychains that they gave out as presents at the end of my presentation. I presented to a large crowd of kids from all over the world and also their families in both Turkish and English at 8:30pm on August 9.  I wish that you all could have seen this amazing setup and presentation because I cannot find words to even describe how wonderful it was.  After my presentation, many kids from different countries asked to join my club, and their families asked how they could help from their countries. 

My activity continued  August 10, at the resort's Kids Side Club.  There, we asked the kids to draw something that they've learned from my presentation.  The kids drew amazing pictures In a few days, I posted  the drawings on our  club's website. I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity to connect to such a large and diverse crowd. 


Tuana Yazici 

Presentation at the Hillside Beach Club / Fethiye-Turkey

                           Wednesday, 08/09/2017

                                        Thursday, 08/10/2017

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