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                            Book Signature Day

                 TUANA YAZICI signed her published book  PROTECTING SEA TURTLES

   She donated 100 of her books to Gumbo Limbo. All gains went to their Rehabilition Center.

                                              Saturday,  02/24/2018

                                     from 9:00 am to 16:00 pm


Dear Club Members, 

This past Saturday, February 24th was Gumbo Limbo's Sea Turtle Day Festival from 9am-4pm, Because I've donated 100 of my books to Gumbo Limbo, they invited us to their Sea Turtle Day Festival (a festival where 6,000 people attended last year and about 8,000 attended this year).  It was an absolutely wonderful and a very well-organized event. Our club members encouraged people to buy the books, told them about our club and the activities we do, and helped kids draw turtles in a little station we set up behind our stand. Everyone loved our stand's layout and decorations.  We raised around $800 for Gumbo Limbo's Rehabilitation Center by selling my books! 


I would like to thank the following members for attending our activity:

Sterling Ortiz (Vice President)- 7 hours of community service

Grace Nyanchoka (Secretary)- 5 hours of community service

Matthew Hamorsky- 4 hours of community service

Cecilia Diaz- 5 hours of community service

Anuradha Ramdin- 7 hours of community service

Jade Hodge- 5 hours of community service


I would also like to thank Mr. Pursel and Mr. Glick for coming and supporting us during the event!



Tuana Yazici 

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